My travel buddy - Clarisonic Mia 2


My favourite beauty item to travel with is my Clarisonic Mia 2. I hate the feeling of my skin when I get off of a plane. I feel like the makeup is caked into my pores and I feel really dry and gross. The first thing that I do after a piping hot shower is to cleanse my face so that I don't have any skin problems. When I first started flying (I'm a flight attendant for those of you who are confused), I would always go straight to bed. For a while my skin got blotchy from the odd hours, the altitude, as well as the constant fast food I had to eat.

Now, I usually carry makeup wipes, an eye cleanser, and a regular lather cleanser to counteract all of the environmental issue that I have with my skin.


> Compact and easy to carry around
> Holds charge for a long time, so you don't really need to bring the outlet unless you are gone for over two weeks
> Great at cleansing the skin
> Comes with great travel case


> It is an investment, so you have to keep it in your carry on just in case your luggage gets misplaced


I love my Calrisonic Mia, ever since buying it about a year ago. If you are an avid traveler and you hate it when your skin gets all weird after flying, let me know if you have any tips and tricks for keeping hydrated. My favourite trick, is to keep a facial mist and to spritz mid flight!

Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips talk - BE101


> Pigmented without being opaque
> That fun MLBB color
> Cutest packaging ever!
> Lightly scented
> The color itself is very flattering to my skin tone

> Only available in asian oriented cosmetic stores =[


I absolutely love this new lipstick. I bought this on my trip to Hong Kong in November from Etude house. It looks very dainty on my vanity and tbh that was the main reason I purchased it. However, to my surprise, the product itself is really great and matches my skin tone very well. This product is probably way cheaper in Korea but in Hong Kong, it was a bit on the pricy side so I will probably wait for my next trip to Korea to pick some up (which will hopefully be happening in March).


Top 5 Concealers


1. Yves Saint Laurent - Touche eclat - 2
2. MAC - prep+prime - Radiant Rose
3. 3 Concept Eyes - Waterful eyes - 002
4. Bobbi Brown - Corrector - Light Peach
5. Lancome Paris - Effacerness - Ivoire

These are my favourite concealers for everyday. 

The YSL and MAC are my favourite for a bit of highlight to counteract my dark circles. The Bobbi Brown corrector is usually what I use under my foundation when I've had a particularly bad rest. Effacerness by Lancome is my stay all day no fuss concealer and it really brightens under the eye!

Let me know what your faves are below =]

Fighting evil by moonlight! - Sailor moon with Sasa exclusive - Miracle Romance Shining Moon Powder


I was recently gifted the Sailor Moon for Sasa Miracle Romance Shining Moon Powder for Christmas by the amazing and super sweet Rica. As amazing as I'm sure this powder is, I won't be using it since I currently have it on display on my shelf =] It's much too nostalgic.