Anime North 2012

 I love dressing up. That is no secret. As I mentioned in my earlier post, I love Anime North! Not only because I love anime and manga but also because it brings even the most shy of people out of their shells. It gives people the opportunity to be as fun and silly and crazy as they want.

It's a great place to make friends, check out great costumes, panels, products and anything anime/manga/japan related. It's colourful and loud and bustling with people. 

Here are a few of my survival tools for a great Anime North!
- Bring cash! A few people take debit but not many so make sure that you come with a pocket full of colourful plastic money to buy that Ouran plush bunny you've been wanting forever.
- Bring a water bottle! It's hot, and prices at Anime North can get ridiculous, so make sure to bring water to hydrate!
- Sunscreen! Unless you want a weird cosplay tan 0_0
- Dress up! A little or a lot. Preferably a lot ; )
- Wear comfortable shoes. There is a lot of walking and so you want to be wearing comfy shoes to avoid blisters. 
- Bring a camera. Whether it's your phone or a huge DSLR, the idea is that you are bound to see something that you will want to share, so make sure to record it!
- Be open minded and HAVE FUN!
I loved this costume. The flowers made it pop. (I believe it's Kuroshitsuji)
Love this shot!
Quick pic of some BRS
Definitely my favourite shot. I LOVE Ariel. I was quite excited on the inside XD
Star Driver cosplayers!
Pikachu on crack? Transformer Pikachu? who cares, I think it's awesome
Princess' are everywhere!
Female captain America
check out the shoes, those were raised (think JC damsels)

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