World Mastercard Fashion week recap :Melissa Nepton


Melissa Nepton is a Montreal-based designer who has showed at fashion week here in Toronto for a while now. I’ve seen her Spring show last season and she never fails to deliver. Her clothes are made for the urban career woman. They are great flowy garments that fit marvellously to the body in a sexy and powerful manner. I loved her use of sheer vs. solids in all of her garments. Although none of us will be going commando under the see through jumpers, it is obvious that these pieces turn heads all while keeping some to the imagination. Her garment fabrication is very well done and the styling was very à la empowered woman of today. However, I did feel that there were some drawbacks to her show. The first being that I was not a fan of the models (although this is a general comment about fashion week). They were very stoic and non-expressive. It might have been the long hours and hairspray to the brain, but some of them looked downright comatose. I do not feel that they did her line justice. The second thing is that although this line was very powerful, the music for me was kind of blah. I would’ve liked something more captivating. Overall, Nepton’s collection was absolutely breathtaking and functional, the perfect marriage in fashion.

Anum and I

Joyce (blurred out as per her request) and I

Anum and Tiffany
Tiffany and I
Anum and I

Kate Moss for Rimmel - 06 Review and Swatch


> Great texture
> Very pigmented
> Affordable (I got this one on sale at SDM for about 5.5 CAD)
> Very available

> Smells pretty bad
> Pigmentation makes it a tad hard to work with (but I feel that way about all pigmented lipsticks since my lips are huge)
> Limited availability =[


I'm really happy with the colour I got. I have been wanting a bright lipstick like this one for a while and I couldn't decide what to get from this collection. I knew I didn't want something that I would wear on a daily basis since I honestly can't stand the smell for the first 3 min it's on.