Travel : Snapshots in Japan ~ Photojournal

Anthony and I recently spent a few days in Japan and I thought I would share some quick shots that I took. I didn't take very many pictures as it was so very gloomy. It was definitely eye opening for me. The culture is so different, and interesting. I definitely want to start stocking up on fake eyelashes (I feel like every girl I saw there wore them). I hope you enjoy the fun pictures as well the really weird ones. =]

Temple in Narita

Can you tell I'm deathly sick in this picture?

Really affordable and tasty restaurant XD

Liz Lisa!

Super adorable Vocaloid Hello Kitty =]

A really unimpressed mannequin =[

I've been craving this ever since seeing it in Style Suzi's HK vlog. It did not disappoint XD

Convenience store breakfast

Vending machines, everywhere! I was so impressed that you could get hot or cold beverages!


Capcom arcade. We couldn't play very much because the instructions were in Japanese =[

Super adorable sheep!

mmm udon 

so many cards 0_0


  1. Looks like such a fun trip! I'm dying over those adorable colorful sheep! And I'd love a vending machine serving good hot drinks everywhere :-) The convenience store breakfast looks interesting too.

    1. I definitely had a lot of fun XD I feel like the hot drink vending machine would do so well in Canada! What with our intense winter weather =P