Stationery in Japan! - Layover - Midori traveler's notebook and more

Anyone who is a close friend of mine or follows me on instagram (shameless plug) knows how much I love stationery. Planners, journals, stickers, etc. are really exciting for me since I've been a little girl. I now use a personal sized red domino Filofax as my main planner. I have been wanting a Midori travelers notebook for a while for the main purpose of journaling and a keepsake from my layovers and travels. That's why when my work called me and said "You're going to Japan!", I was beyond excited. It has been a long time since I had been to Japan, and the last location that we went to was so close to the airport that there wasn't much to see. The area that I stayed in this time (Yokohama) had a lot more in terms of shopping to offer.

With my jet lag, I ended up sleeping a grand total of 4 hours. I woke up and just couldn't get back to sleep. So I woke up, got directions to the closest convenience store and had a makeshift breakfast.

Definitely not the most glamorous or nutritious, but was it tasty? YUP! 

Soon after eating I took a 30 min nap and watched a few youtube videos as I waited for the stores to open at 10:00 AM 

I started heading out at 9:50 thinking that it gave me plenty of time to walk to the store. I didn't account however how close it was to the hotel -_-" I got there early and stopped for the sweetest Chai tea latte in existence.

I loved Tokyu Hands. I had read online that it was part stationery store, part homegoods store and  part hardware store. When I got there, the store encompassed several floors, and I was immediately overwhelmed.

I first started in the home goods section, and after much  explanation and finally google translate when I found out they had free wifi, I was directed to the stationery floor. I almost had an aneurism. This is how I felt:

There were rows and rows of stationery. I was ecstatic. But most importantly, they  had the Midori limited edition blue cover and the Panam collaboration pieces.

I obviously bought a fair amount to start up my Midori journals. I did somehow stay under my $100 budget however!

That was the most exciting part of my day. I did however, also stop at Daiso which is a 100 yen store in Japan. It also has enormous presence around the world. 100 yen stores are the equivalent to our dollar stores but on crack. They have everything! I bought 9 rolls of washi tape, which spanned from designs with Tokyo skyline on it to winnie the pooh. All in all it was a great trip for me. I then went back to my hotel and attempted to nap once more before heading back to Toronto!

Here are a couple more shots from my layover!


Stila Aqua Glow Watercolor blush - Rosewater - Review and swatches

> Very easy to use. Dab and blend
> Color is very wearable for spring/summer
> The texture is very liquidy and dewy making it ideal for that natural dewy look

> I assume this does not work especially well with powder foundation as it really relies on that dabbing and spreading to make it blend nicely


I think that this blush is perfect for that no fuss day. I have been using it when I'm just running errands. I throw on a little BB cream, a little eyeliner, watercolour blush, highlight and BAM! summer goddess... or you know something like that LOL. I definitely feel that this is perfect for summer, the pool, the beach, and no fuss days!


Let me know if you've tried this out and what your favourite no fuss makeup items are!