Photojournal - Japan 2015 - The Sights

I recently made yet another trip to Japan with some friends for a few days and I thought I'd post some pics of my adventure here =]

One of my favourite things to do when I'm in Japan is to visit temples. I've been to a couple and the best ones tend to be in more rural areas. However, I did really love Senso-ji in Asakusa. When I visited, it was 8 am on a rainy wednesday morning. It was nice to get in before the crowds and vendors really opened as it gave the temple a nice serene quality. You also tend to see all the locals stop by at that time, before you're bombarded by selfie sticks and loud touristy types.

Water station to perform misogi. Although, I'm pretty sure I did the ritual 80% right, the intent was there and I hope that is the important part.

My first meal in Japan. Ramen in a Tonkotsu base of course ;)

I got a REALLY bad omikuji (or fortune) and had to leave it behind =[ better luck next time

Obligatory Shibuya crossing picture

Japanese traffic

This was my first time in Akihabara and I loved it. Definitely a must visit for any anime fan.

Minato Mirai

Although I could only recognize about 50-70% of the pokemon since there are about 6 times more pokemon then back in my day(cue nostalgia), I had a LOT of fun at the pokemon center!

Anyone recognize one of my fave pokemons?

 On our subway ride to a fun arcade

 Traditional breakfast. yum

Sesame soft serve

Airport food

Final shot on the way home =]

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