Late night thoughts on travel aka. a bit about being a flight attendant

Travel is for stressful for some, adventurous for others. I have always had a love/hate relationship with travel. When I was little, we would save up and go on family holidays that while I had a lot of fun, were never exactly the same trips everyone else was going on (AHEM Disney). We would save for a few years and go back to my parents’ home country, or take a bus tour to a neighbouring city. When I got older, travelling became more about spending time exploring or relaxing. I started to “get” why people liked to travel and it became less about where we were going, but whom I was with. When travelling became my job, I really thought that all of that love of travel would translate so well.

At first, I started feeling that being a flight attendant was lonely. It was about seeing new faces every day and being in different hotel rooms and not exactly feeling at home. It was about crappy soap, starchy sheets, takeout food and not having the right outfit. I would see beautiful landscapes, different people, colourful foods, intricate temples, but not be able to share the awe and wonder with those I loved.

Recently, I think I’m starting to get it. It’s about bringing those stories back home and sharing the foods I lug back. It’s about bringing people together. Not just the connection that I create with my loved ones when I bring a little piece of Tokyo/Shanghai/Istanbul/England home with me, but connecting passengers as well. It’s about getting people home for Christmas a little happier. It’s about kids’ first plane rides (or adults!). It’s about making the ride easier for a mourning family, or a separating couple.

I’ll strive to feel a little less lonely, a little more adventurous in order to regain that wanderlust again because although my job is a write off for some, I love it. I wouldn’t do anything else.

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